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Bikers 911 is a network of like minded Motorcycle Enthusiasts 
who help and educate all on two or three wheels. If you are stopped on the side of the road and we come along, we stop and offer any help we can. We don't just ride by and wave.

First and for most it is the right thing to do. To STOP and help someone in need. Never just ride on by, as we all know happens. There might not always be time, doctor, kids, appointments and life events in general. But anytime we are on two or three wheels we must always stop for a Brother or Sister. Its in the Bikers Code. "Never Leave A Brother or Sister Behind" Anyone can "Ride" a bike, but not everyone is a biker and understanding "The Code" is the first big step.

The Vision is low cost annual fee of $20.00 per year and enough members to put trucks and trailers throughout to help anyone in need when they are stuck on the road. A personal network of Brothers and Sisters controlled by a State Rep. in every State that has the ability to send someone close to lend a hand, help give a tow, maybe gas but never ride on by.

Membership fees also help honor our Veteran's every year with a custom built gas tank, we meet with and have the family put the ashes in the tank and hang them at our favorite place in Sturgis, South Dakota, the Full Throttle Saloon. Here they Live Forever so generations of family and friends can have a cold one with a loved one. That's where your $20.00 bucks goes. Not in the pockets but always to someone in need.

As a Bikers 911 Member, you pledge to stop and help or answer the call if needed, knowing that you also have a 911 system to help a biker in need.

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