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We at Bikers 911 know what it is like to stand next to your beloved Bike on the side of the road. Remember when all bikers shared a common bond and unspoken Code of Ethics. This became known as The Bikers Code.

At Biker 911 we ALL believe in this code and live by it! Bikers 911 was founded on one of these codes. “Never Leave a Brother or Sister Behind”! Always stop to help someone in need and never ride on by.

Members of Bikers 911 know that this code is about Honor, Loyalty and Respect. As Members of Bikers 911 WE ALL stop and help our brothers and sisters in need. Even if all we can offer is moral support and wait for a ride. It is always better than just riding on by. Kindness along with courtesy will cost you nothing, but will give you everything in return.

When you sign this pledge, you become part of a growing nation- wide group of bikers helping bikers in need. You become one of the Bearded Barbarians and Fair Maidens from any road U.S.A. who have also pledged to stop and help a biker in need. At Bikers 911 there are no colors, lines of clubs, there is no prejudice! All these things must be left behind when you are helping someone in need.

When you sign this pledge, you agree to help ALL brothers in need! We are not part of the 99%. We are not part of the 1% from an outdated rating by the AMA. You become a 0%’er helping all in need on 2 wheels there are no lines and there is no prejudice, only The Code of Ethics we all believe in. A network of brothers and sisters from coast to coast helping others in need. As we grow into a World-Wide Network of Bikers helping bikers in need. Knowing these codes is a way of life, you must know these codes before you become a biker.

By signing this pledge, and as a new member of Bikers 911, you have pledged to help bikers in need. No matter what they ride, no matter where you came from or where you are at. Colors and Clubs have Lines, Bikers 911 has no lines and we help those in need. Your colors and ALL prejudice must be left when helping someone in need as a member of Bikers 911.

When you sign this membership pledge and become a member of Bikers 911 your $20.00 membership fee gives you a signed copy of our pledge, a FREE copy of The Bikers Code and the Bikers 911 patch 4”x4” Every year you renew your membership you will also receive another Bikers 911 patch and a sticker for your cage.

You also become part of a growing Nation-Wide membership of Brothers and Sisters that don’t just wave as we go by.

We stop and say “HELLO”

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